Is it safe to build an oven in a wooden cabinet

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July 15, 2018
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Having an oven inside a wooden cabinet can help you save up a lot in terms of kitchen space. It also gives the kitchen a cleaner sort of look. The main unit is built above or under the cabinets,and it also gives you an ideal space for storing your cookware. A built-in oven inside a cabinet is surrounded by other cabinets.

So, a built-in oven opening is basically a simple and straightforward box that is supported by a constructed pine frame. If the opening is a 60cm or 90cm or your cabinet already has these measurements, then you can quite simply install a built-in oven with quite an ease.

Let’s talk about the safety concerns now. The exterior sides of the oven should not generate excessive heat. Make sure that the counters, cabinets and wall covering can withstand the oven’s heated temperature.

If you are quite certain of the fact that the surrounding materials can withstand the heat, then you can use the exact same plywood, of the existing cabinets, to build the opening in which the oven will sit in. And the best way to build it is to build a simple base and then add the sides. Afterward, you can trim the pieces around the exterior to give it that unique built-in look. Since most ovens use up the full depth of the cabinet, the cabinet would not have a back.

Traditionally, the built-in ovens come in just two sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm, but now a third size has entered the market which is of just 45 cm. This model was introduced to fulfill the needs of the ones with restricted kitchen space. No matter which size you end up choosing, be sure to follow the basic precautions when you are placing the oven into the opening of the wall.

Let’s move on to the safe installation of the electric oven now. The very first thing to do is to attach the plug to the power cable. It is recommended to install a plug that is vertically squashed, on the spot so that there is more space leftover behind. Also, be sure that it has the resistance in watts that is required for the max absorption of the oven. The cord should be placed for temperature above 50 ° C. Next up, make sure that there is proper ventilation, so be sure to place the oven into the cavity in such a way that there is proper air flow. Be sure to place the oven on a base that is 4 cm high. You can also have two wooden runners on the inside cavity so that you can insert the oven like a drawer.

Whichever method it is that you choose, the back panel of the cabinet will have to be removed. You might purchase different ovens that might or might not have plus placed laterally to the chassis. When you have placed the oven into the cabinet area, open the oven’s door and tighten up the screws in the lateral side of the oven’s frame.

You are now all done with the oven’s installation and can now enjoy the benefits of a new oven in your very own kitchen. You can contact Creative Riches for built-in oven supplies.

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