Here we have for you a range of Gas Hobs to choose from. After all, what is better than a traditional Gas Hob that gives you more control over your cooking? Manual cooking over a gas hob has been continuing for generations and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Be it a mom who is preparing food for the family or a gourmet chef who is creating chef-d’oeuvre for their connoisseurs and foodies alike, having control over the food is crucial for exceptional cooking. Gas hobs give you that control in terms of time, temperature and procedure.

Easy to Operate:

Traditional gas hobs come with one drawback and that is; they require matchsticks or lighter to ignite the flames. Those matchsticks and lighter release a pungent smell that nobody likes and fall into additional costs. However, the gas hobs at Creative Riches are either automatic ignition or semiautomatic ignition. You still get to enjoy the control over heat intensity, timing and how you cook but they are now much more convenient to use. Simply turn the knob up and boil, sear or fry.

Smart Gas Hobs:

At Creative Riches, we deliver what you desire. To make your lifestyle easier we have added a touch of smart to all the appliances and equipment in our inventory. We have upped the game of traditional gas hobs and added automatic ignition feature to your benefit. This feature saves your time, energy and cuts down on additional costs of matchsticks and lighters.

Sky is the limit!

With gas hobs at your service, you can cook what you like and how you like it. The flames of gas hobs do not give up on you until you turn them down yourself. You can toss the pan up and down as many times as you want and cook in any utensil (wooden, ferrous, steel or stone) – no holds barred. Make some soup, fry the kebabs, prepare the caramel sauce for your dessert or brew some coffee.

Be Creative and Up your Hob Game!

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