Top Kitchen Appliance Trends

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July 8, 2018
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July 18, 2018

French Door Ovens

French door wall ovens are not just stylish but are great for confined spaces since they do not require room for the door to open up in the front. The ovens, nowadays, are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, which means that you can easily control your oven using your smartphone. You can, for example, preheat your oven when you are stuck in traffic.

Touch and Swipe Controls

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic fields for heating purposes instead ofon using radiant heat. It is very speedy and allows you to have control over simmering easily. And nowadays, the connection between you and your cooktop is managed more easily using smartphone inspired touch and control where you can, simply, use your finger around the arc to adjust the heat on your oven. Almost all of the leading built–in appliance suppliers are using it in their products.

White is In Again

The color white is back,and this time it is back with all the latest technologies of today, so you do not have to worry about your appliances having outdated features like in the 1980’s where white colored appliances were the fashion statements.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are able to cook food way faster when compared to the cooking time of conventional ovens. They even help in retaining the taste and nutrients much better. Many of these ovens have pre-set programmed recipes so all that you have to do is put the food in and the rest is done by the oven. You can also program the time at which you want the food to be ready so that it finishes up at just the right moment.

Sous Vide

The latest technology in terms of kitchen appliances is found almost everywhere nowadays. The sous vide technology allows you to prepare your food in the sous vide method where the food is cooked at a really slow pace,and this proves to be very challenging for many chefs. This method uses temperature controlled water baths which intensifies the flavors and tenderizes the textures.

Retro Design

A lot of vintage styles are coming back since a lot of companies are using the colors that were used in the 1950’s. Like you can now easily go and purchase a refrigerator in standard colors such as black, buttercup yellow and beach blue. Many companies offer color customization as well.

Countertop Beer Brewing

You can give up a small amount of space like 20.5 inches of the countertop width, to have a microbrewery in your own kitchen. It allows beer enthusiasts to easily and comfortably craft beer in whichever style they find pleasing. The brewing process takes up about four hours and then the beer has to be left for fermentation which requires around three weeks in a separate keg.

Synched Appliances

Nowadays, everything is connected via Bluetooth, including kitchen appliances. Like you can talk to your microwave, synch clock times and turn vents on and off simply through Bluetooth. Engineers, nowadays, are said to be currently working on synchronizing the cooking times so that all of the dishes are finished at the same time.

Specialized Fridge Storage Zones

Long gone are the days of crisper drawers. Now the drawers have become specialized storage zones where you can store many different goods such as boxed pizzas and frozen meats etc. Nowadays the storage zones, themselves, have different temperature settings.

Chewable Ice

There are appliances/ice makers on the market which allows you to make chewable and soft ice at home. They are of the same quality that is found in fast food chains and restaurants.

Gray Tones

Gray has become one of the most trending colors, and it is not just restricted to cabinets, it works great on appliances as well as an alternative to stainless steel which is naturally colored gray.

Industrial Style

If you usually do a lot of cooking and meal preparation at home, then you require something that does not wear out easily. This is the main reason why the rugged aesthetic of an industrial kitchen is still popular to date. Many companies, nowadays, are introducing industrial styled refrigerators and stoves which is made up of stainless steel and comes in a variety of different colors.

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