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You need to have a well-planned out lighting setting for your kitchen which sets the tone for preparing, eating and also entertaining your guests

With the use of a well-made kitchen lighting system, you can easily transform your simple looking kitchen into something spectacular that is sure to catch the eyes of your visitors. Nowadays, kitchen performs more on a multifunctional level when compared with their traditional use. The light settings nowadays need to complement dining, entertaining along with relaxing.

Lighting positions can hide a lot of errors and can even make smaller kitchens look bigger than they are.

Be sure to follow the below steps so that you definitely know that your kitchen lighting has been done right.

Plan out the lighting requirements

Almost all of the experts agree that the very best time to install a new lighting system is during the kitchen’s planning stage during when the kitchen design drawings are being drawn. If you leave it for afterward, then it is sure to create issues for you in the near future.

Now take a step back and look into the different areas of your kitchen and then think about all the different and varying activities that could be happening in those different places. For example, the kitchen sink area along with the food preparation areas are sure to require task lighting. Whereas, other areas such as the dining area call for a more accent and moody lighting.

SO you need to do the proper research into the types of lighting that is available in the market considering your kitchen’s layout plan and its size. Then sit back and work out if the below-mentioned options are suitable for your kitchen.

How would you control the lights?

The simplest way is to go for the simple on and off switches, but dimmer switches can definitely set the tones with a soft and ambient glow that results in a unique atmosphere. You can simply decrease or increase the power of the light and create various different tones.

Nowadays, the intelligent lighting systems can pre-set lighting configurations set within them which can be turned on with a touch of a simple button. It can even be controlled using a smartphone, a PC, a laptop or a tablet. You would just need a simple Wi-Fi connection to control the settings.

What about the perfect fit?

If you are buying straight from a store, then be sure to consult qualifies electricians in order to ensure for a well-fitted and safe installation. For better results, have a small chat with an interior designer or lighting experts so that he/she can help you by getting the best out of the store bought lights.

The various type of kitchen lighting

First off are the task lighting which is the brightest ones and light up the main working areas in the kitchen including the kitchen sink, cooker,and worktops.

Have under-cupboard spots right above the main working areas like the sink, hob and chopping areas. This would ensure focused lighting along with brightness. Be sure to position them as close to the front edge as you can in order to avoid just lighting up the back side only.

For this purpose, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Including LED under downlighters which are thin enough to be fitted into the bottom of the overhead units. Another option is the flexible LED strips which can also be mounted on the undersides. Ceiling mounted ones are the third option.

Another type is the mood lightings, for which you need first to see how much natural light gets into your kitchen keeping in mind the number of windows. If the windows provide for ambient lighting, then go for dimmable wall lights, eyeball lights and feature lights.

You can also install a rise and fall fixture above the main table so that it can be easily pulled down for candlelit dinner or supper. As an added advantage, be sure to have the light controlled separately in order to create different moods. For creating relaxing zones, you can try washers and wall lights which adds to the background illumination.

You can also opt for feature lighting which creates a point of interest by attracting eyes to the things it surrounds. Accent lightings consist of lighting in cupboards, on shelves.

Then comes the pendant lights which can be hung above a dining table and this helps in differentiating this area from the kitchen’s floor space. Be sure to hang them low over the table for an added feel of intimacy and interest.

Then,at last, comes in the natural light, which can never be underestimated. French doors, skylights,and windows help in illuminating your kitchen using this natural form of light. They bounce off of your shiny surfaces illuminating the kitchen even more.

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