Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers

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June 22, 2018
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June 22, 2018

Almost everyone nowadays loves fried food. Who doesn’t? Everyone around the globe enjoys fried food,and almost everyone has heard of air fryers.

These air fryers are considered as an alternative to traditional regular fryers in which one can fry food without having to go through the guilt of using traditional fryers. So what exactly makes these air fryers better than the traditional fryers?

Well, as the name suggests, these air fryers use warm heater air which is superheated around your food so that it not only cooks your food but also adds a crispy finish to it using the Maillard effect which is the name given to the chemical reaction which takes place when food is heated,and this too gives them a unique flavor.

To keep it simple, air fryers do exactly the same thing that traditional oil fryers do but without submerging your food into the oil. The heated air circulates easily around the food heating them up and cooking them up perfectly.

Many advertisements and promotions would sell their air fryers as completely oil-less, but most of the recipes do require some level of oil input such as a tablespoon or more. This is usually done in order to improve the heat conduction and also to give fried food its unique taste. A lot of people, however, go completely oil-less in this regards and the food comes out, more or less, the very same and is more a matter of personal preference. The overall taste experience is just a little bit different.

It should be highlighted that even though these air fryers give the food the unique texture that is crispy and tastes delicious, it tastes quite a bit different when compared to fried food from traditional oil frying methods.

So why exactly then are these air fryers so popular? The answer is due to the person’s health. Deep oil frying is considered unhealthy. Even though you would be getting the delicious deep fried taste that one desires, alongside the taste you would be getting an increased risk of aneurysms and strokes, increased risk of blocked arteries and heart diseases. An increased risk of blood pressure along with added calories, fat and obesity-related issues.

These are the main reason why people who love fried food but, at the same time, are also health conscious, go for air fryers. This can be termed as the main reason why air fryers are gaining popularity nowadays. People are opting for more and more air fryers around the entire globe.

So does it mean it is completely the opposite of oil frying? The answer is NO. They are not healthy and won’t make your food healthier, but in comparison to traditional oil frying methods, these are the healthier choice. This is why you should opt for an air fryer if given a choice between an air fryer or a traditional oil fryer since you will be less likely to suffer from the above-mentioned diseases and conditions.

Please keep in mind that how healthy some things depend entirely on what exactly you are frying. Chicken wings air fried would be healthier than a donut, but air fried broccoli would be safer than chicken wings.

Now that we have discussed how the air fryers are healthier as compared to traditional oil fryers and that is the main reason why they have gained popularity. So now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these air fryers.

The main con that comes to mind is that the air fryers are smaller in size when compared to traditional oil fryers, so this means that their capacity is lower than that of a traditional oil fryer. So this can be an issue if you are cooking for the entire family. Another negative point is that these air fryers are bulky in size and in weight which means that they are sure to take up valuable space in your kitchen. These fryers can also get extremely hot, although not as dangerous as oil fryers; you can still burn yourself badly if you accidentally touch them. So be sure to have some maneuvering space around your kitchen.

Moving on to the pros of the air fryers, these fry up goods faster when compared to traditional oil fryers. You can make French fries in 10 minutes flat! Another advantage is that the air fryers can be used for baking, roasting,and grilling as well. So one can simply say that you can prepare a three-course meal with an air fryer. Air fryers are easier to clean up as well since there is no or very less oil involved. There is no oil stench left. They have removable parts and are non-stick which is another added advantagein terms of cleaning them.

So, all in all, these air fryers are a must-have kitchen appliance for kitchens even though they cannot match the taste and crispiness of traditional oil fryers, but they are a healthier alternative leading towards a healthier lifestyle which is what most people, nowadays, look towards.

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