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August 20, 2018
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August 26, 2018

Throughout this blog, I would try to explain why induction hobs are considered to be a lot better when compared with gas hobs or electric hobs.

First off, we would start by establishing what an induction hob actually is. Induction hobs generate heat through induction, whereas the other types of hobs generate heat through the use of conduction. In induction hobs, an electromagnetic field is created between the pan and the coil underneath the glass top. The copper coil magnet, later, produces a current through the connection and this heats up the pan in no time.

This might sound sort of complicated to a lot of people, but in actuality, it is quite straightforward. One thing that you need to keep in your minds is that in order to use the induction hob properly, you must have pans and pots that have been made from strong metals such as the likes of steel or iron.

Induction hobs do use electricity to produce a high level of cooking heat, but the hob itself remains cool,unlike an electric hob. This way you have a really low chance of burning yourself. This is just one of the many numerous benefits of an induction hob. In comparison to electrical hobs, induction hobs are cheaper as well. This is so since the hob heats up quickly and this results in the hob using up lesser energy. Some research suggests that induction hobs can be up to 90% energy efficient, while electric hobs are 55% and gas hobs are 50% energy efficient.

Now let us take a look at the benefits that one has after going for induction hobs.

They are safer especially when children are involved since the induction hobs do not heat up as much as electric hobs or gas hobs. You might get some heat from the hob but not like that of leaving an electrical cooker on.

Once the connection between the hob and the pan is broken, the hob is turned off automatically. This is why it is safer to have around, especially when children are involved. Everyone can be a little forgetful,and this is why it is the safer option to go for.

Another benefit is that the food is prepared a lot quicker. With the induction hob, your food heats up much quicker when compared to using other hobs. It is also said that induction hobs produce 50% more power on output when compared to a traditional hob. This all simply means that your food would be cooked up a lot faster. If you have a really busy life with a lot of your time eaten up in other things, then this induction hob would prove to be a lifesaver.

Cleaning them is also quite easier, which is another one of their benefits, perhaps the biggest one. Nobody likes to scrub off the remains, including the spillages. They can prove to be a nightmare for most people. The great thing about induction hobs is that they become cold right after you take the pan off of them. This leads to almost zero chances of you getting burned when you try to clean up the spillages etc. This way the spillages will not get encrusted after drying off since they would be easily removed way before they dry off.

Keeping these benefits in mind, you should go for induction hobs when the time comes. This would also prove to be a step towards your kitchen becoming a smart kitchen with a stylish and modern look.

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