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August 6, 2018
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August 21, 2018

There are a wide variety of hobs that are readily available in the market with the likes of ceramic hobs, induction hobs, domino hobs and so on. A hob can be, undoubtedly, be considered as one of the most essentialparts of your kitchen, especially since it will remain a part of your kitchen for quite some time to come. Keeping this in mind, a good amount of time should be spent on while deciding which type of kitchen hob to go for since there are various options readily available in the market and people opt for ones that have a longer longevity. Finding a hob that suits your cooking style would make your preparation both manageable and easier.

So we have found a guide with which you can find out the right hob that suits the best for you while you research about it.

Looking for the Perfect Size:

The hobs are available in several many different sizes, but the most commonly purchased are the ovens that have four (4) four burners which are also known as zones. So the four burners are called four zones. The four zones are a 60 CM wide on a rectangular panel. If you would like a larger worktop space, then you might go for a 70 CM or an 80 CM hob. The larger hobs have 5 burners.

Go for the Gas Hobs or the Electric Hobs?

Gas hobs are really efficient in terms of energy usage. Most of these hobs include an optimal burner through which the flame can run vertically to spread to the edge so that the amount of energy that is used is reduced. Gas hobs distribute heat and provide instant heat quite well across. The appearance of gas hobs can be pretty difficult to maintain, but they can easily be dismantled for cleaning purposes.

Gas hobs are an essential part of any kitchen,and they can be quite hard to clean and keep maintained if you do not go for the best material.  One of the materials in which the gas hob comes in is stainless steel. They can sometimes become really tricky to clean so if you prefer this material, that is stainless steel, then make sure to go for one with high quality.

Other than stainless steel, you can also go for a gas hob with a glass base, which is also a great alternative. In comparison to stainless steel, glass is more easier to maintain and keep up. Food also tends to stick to stainless steel more than when compared to glass; this makes glass more easier to clean and keep maintained. The downside of the glass hob is that the burner does not heat up as quickly as that of a stainless steel hob.

Moving on to induction hobs which are becoming one of the most wanted kitchen appliances. It uses magnets in order to heat the pan directly,so no electricity is wasted. This type of hob is also much more safer to use since when the pan is removed, the hob cools down automatically which prevents possible burns. The downside of induction hobs is that they are more expensive when compared to the other types of hobs.

Up next are the electric ceramic hobs. These are great, especially, for those people who are on a strict budget. These are available in a large number of varieties including different sizes so that they can fit any sized kitchens. They do take longer to heat up when compared to induction hobs and gas hobs, which is its downside.

If you still cannot make up your mind, then there is such a thing as a dual-fuel hob. They have an induction zone on one side and a gas burner on the other side. Making life easier and simpler since now you can enjoy the benefits of both the types of hobs.

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