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July 8, 2018
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July 8, 2018

Whenever one is renovating his/her home, one of the most exciting parts is planning one’s kitchen. However tempted you might be, be sure to take a lot of time when planning the design. There is no need of rushing it.

Divide the entire process into steps so that it becomes more manageable and easier. Give it all the time that bit requires. Do not rush it in any way.

1 – Assess the Needs: Have a look at your current kitchen. Note down all the things that you like and dislike. This can include the colors, placements and other such things. Then think about the existing space, whether it is enough or needs to be opened up a bit, by knocking down a wall and combining a second room to it. Also you will have to consider whether you would just be using the kitchen to prepare meals or would it also have a sitting area for families to sit together and enjoy meals.

2 – Think About Heating and Plumbing: Think about the plumbing, like would you require additional plumbing works or would the existing plumbing work?Also, consider the lighting and heating requirements of the kitchen. Would the currently load down electrical lines would be sufficient given the situation? Or would additional lines be required? Be sure to have plug-in points wherever they are required. Also keep in mind that if you require underfloor heating, it would have to be installed prior to the kitchen floor being laid down.

3- Lighting Options: Think about the secondary lighting requirements throughout the kitchen, like above areas where you cook or prepare your meals. Make sure all the areas of your kitchen are properly lighted up. No one likes dark corners anywhere, especially in a kitchen.

4 – Have an Inspiration: Collect images and magazine pages of kitchen images. Collect them and put together a scrapbook with lots of ideas that of what you desire your kitchen to look like. This all would help you in choosing a color and a theme for your kitchen. Do not think of the cost just yet. Focus on the inspirations for your kitchen along with styles that you like.

5 – Bring a Kitchen Designer into the Mix: To maximize the usefulness of your space, be sure to consult a kitchen expert. They would give you a lot of different and innovative ideas, some of which you might not have even thought of. These kitchen designers would have contacts and links throughout the kitchen world and can work on your behalf. This way you can relax and be sure that your kitchen would be as efficient as possible. Agree on the quote once the designer has looked at the kitchen space. Be sure to look at all the things that are included in the costing. Do not pay the full amount before receiving all the deliveries.

6 – Have a Budget in Mind: Be sure to tell your designer about your budget so he/she can help you decide where to invest etc. Be sure to invest in things that you genuinely use. Also be sure to include installation fees as well. Make sure that your budget includes 10% contingency so that your unexpected costs are covered. Be sure to look out for the best worktops, kitchen cabinets, doors and kitchen appliances.

7 – Contact the Professionals: After the kitchen designer, you might have to contact a kitchen fitter so that he/she coordinates with the designer regarding the design. Remember at all times that the way your kitchen is installed can make a huge difference on how the kitchen looks. Be sure to ask your friends and family members for their advice as well. Think out everything beforehand since correcting mistakes can prove quite costly.

9 –Finishing Touches: Make your kitchen’s more coherent by adding some finishing touches to it. Like pairing a timber bar along with wooden stools. Please keep in mind that even small details such as that of cabinetry handles can result in a huge difference. Also, instead of sourcing everything from the same supplier, be sure to get things from a variety of different suppliers. Mix things up to create something unique. Unique items that you have picked up during your travels would, definitely, add to your kitchen’s beauty and uniqueness.

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