Chinese Built-In Kitchen Appliances Trends

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July 30, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Many young Chinese families are looking to improve their quality of living. They are showing a strong pull towards built-in appliances. This is the main reason why there has been a massive increase in the demand for new kitchen appliances.

When compared to the penetration rate of built-in appliances in Europe, which is at 60%, the rate in China is far lower. This is positive news for businesses since it means there is a lot of potentials. Not too long ago, the built-in appliances were sold as a package in Chine to middle-to-high income earners that had a large sized apartment or a villa. But nowadays, the younger generation is showing a lot of preference towards an integrated kitchen design that has built-in appliances. This is the main reason towards the increase in the demand for built-in appliances.

The recent stats that have come in regarding the yearly increase in the retail sales of built-in kitchen appliances show massive growth. The industry leaders upheld the principle of high quality which is why the high-end kitchen appliance sector in China is dominated by Chinese companies and brands.

We, at Creative Riches Limited manufacture kitchen appliances, ventilation and components.  We are the first manufacturer in China producing ceramic radiate heating element for hob with European quality and safety standard. Thanks for the continue effort made by our R&D team which allow our products gained design and application patents in China.

We have production facilities located both in Zhong Shan and Shenzhen with output 3 million sets per annual.  Our production system get the ISO-9001: 2008 which ensure our product and service fulfill the quality standard. Being the factory in LCC country, our European and American customers always enjoy the competitive price without comprising on their quality requirement.

Nowadays, the main things that consumers search in the built-in appliances nowadays are simplicity and style. People nowadays are looking for all sorts of appliances including steamers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, ovens, gas hob cooktops, sterilizers and induction cooktops,etc. Nowadays the companies are planning towards further kitchen appliances including coffee makers and heat insulated drawers.

Chinese consumers have shown changes in their preferences for kitchen appliances and their designs. They are being influenced by the regions of Europe and the USA. So the Chinese producers are mixing western culinary art with home appliances designs in order to cater to the quickly changing market demands. In-sink dishwashers are gaining a lot of popularity in China. The companies that have launched it are getting a lot of positive response to it. The built-in dishwasher is capable of washing dishwashers and also removing pesticide remains from vegetable and fruits. The modern appliances are using a lot of modern-day technologies, like temperature detecting systems, steaming technology, fuzzy control algorithm,and air heating technology.

The modern consumer looks for two things in their built-in kitchen appliances. The first being the appliance’s function and the second being the way it looks. This is the main reason why built-in appliances are gaining popularity. The built-in appliances are designed keeping in mind the structure of the room, ergonomics, and the habits of the consumers amongst many other things.

In the end, we would say that the consumers not only care about just the functions of the appliances but also their design, the way the appliance looks and the features that it has. So in order to survive in the market, the appliance producers need to stay close to the consumers and always have the consumers’ needs in mind while even thinking of the appliance.

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